Property #3200 in Toledo, Ohio

This Toledo Ohio lot, property #3200, would be a great place to build a house and raise a family. If you would like to provide some family income doing in home child care then this location cannot be beat. The neighbor to the south of this lot is the local elementary school; children can walk home without crossing a street.

It cannot be said that an elementary school is the quietest neighbor; I live next to my neighborhood elementary school. However, the noise is a happy noise and limited to school hours on school days.

Being so close to the elementary school may not have helped my children do well, but they did enjoy their time there and they seemed to take pride in the school. My son will get his Engineering degree this year at Oregon State so his education was at least solid. The proof of the pudding is in the eating – or so it’s been said. Overall, being so close to the school was convenient. This in part made us comfortable, everyone in the family.

If you don’t like children and the noise they make then this lot would still be a good investment, but you wouldn’t want to live there. On the other hand, if you enjoy children or plan to have some of your own this lot can be built on now and you would be building more than a family home, you would be building your credit and your family’s financial security. In ten years or less the property will be paid for and if building to suit requires financing, in most cases it does for the small investor, then over time as you make payments your debt goes down, equity in the house rises, and your credit score improves. None of this happens when you pay rent.

So, young people, buy this lot today with a $59 down payment and make affordable monthly payments in a timely fashion. We can report this to the credit bureaus for you, hence, we can help you establish or repair your credit. When the time comes to build your home you will be in a better position to do so. You have to take the first step, when were you planning to take it?  How about now?

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The mark of a really great company is how they handle problems with their customers. I had a problem with property that I purchased recently, unforeseeable for both myself and Lands Sales, and asked if I could switch to another property. The entire process took less than 20 minutes and I was very happy with how it was handled; finally a company in America that cares for its customers.

William T.Kansas City, Missouri

Finally I have found a great company to help me achieve my long term goals and dreams. The staff at Land Sales Company was very helpful, patient, and caring when I called several times for more information about my properties. I feel fortunate to meet people like them who live their lives by strong principles. I would highly recommend Land Sales Company to anybody who has ever dreamed of owning their own property or looking to become wealthy. Thank you again! Please accept my deep appreciation. You are definitely a company that people can trust.

Virginia B.Los Angeles, California

We would like to thank Land Sales Company for the great customer service experience we had when purchasing our land. We purchased land years ago and it was never this easy. It was very quick, and the representative answered all of our questions before we purchased our property. We recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with small down payments, small monthly payments, and a perfect customer service experience.

Tammy B.Fort Polk, Louisiana

Thank you Land Sales Company for the help you extended in making it possible for me to buy that piece of land in northern California! I have never own my own property here in America. I even call myself a "forever renter" but since I retired, I thought of going to country living ...and my cruising the internet one day in 0ct 2010 paid off because I stumbled upon your website and learned of the possibilities of acquiring affordable land. As a first time buyer I highly appreciate all the help I got from the staff of Land Sales Company More power to you all!

Leonor V.
Leonor V.San Francisco, California

I would like to thank Land Sales Company for the great customer service experience I had when purchasing my land. It was very quick & Easy and the representative’s answered all of my questions before & after I purchased my property. I recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with a small down payments & small easy monthly payments with A company with perfect customer service experience. I would like to say a Big Thank You! to all at Land Sales Company.

Rodney P.
Rodney P.United Kingdom

I have purchased two properties (one with my son), and both transactions went extremely well. The info packets are perfect. I will definitely recommend Land Sales Company to my family and friends.

Thank you!

Don H.
Don H.Hemet, California

I’ve purchased two properties from Land Sales Company and I am very happy with their customer service and sales staff. The process was very simple and it has been a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks to Land Sales Company; I'm all smiles this holiday season!

Jacque A.
Jacque A.Los Angeles, California

Buying property from Land Sales was very simple, and now that I am their customer they treat me great! Their paperwork is clear and they are always around to answer any questions I have.

Cassius B.
Cassius B.Richmond, California

My experiences with Land Sales Company have been great. They have done everything they have promised and it has been a very pleasurable experience. I have two commercial properties in Texas and they are excellent investments.

Wendell M.
Wendell M.Dallas, Texas

My wife, Kristin and I purchased several properties from Land Sales Company within the last few years. It has always been an easy process; much easier than any other company we have worked with. The paperwork was and is always very clear and easy to understand, and any time we need to call customer service, we always get a friendly person, and get all of our questions answered. We recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with a great location, reasonable down payments, small monthly payments, and great customer service.

Bruce J
Bruce JSt.Paul, Minnesota
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