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Looking for vacant land with cheap payments?
Land Sales Company has a huge selection of vacant land for sale at incredible prices. We have vacant land stretching from New York, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Connecticut -to- Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington from home sites and ocean front property - to large tracts of acreage and commercial and industrial zoned parcels. If you're looking for vacant land and prefer owner financing, look no further!

Besides having super low prices on our land for sale, we also have optional in-house financing, which allows anyone to purchase any of our property with only a small down payment... as low as $37 down. The best part is we never do a credit check so you are automatically approved for financing through us. Your down payment and your property are the only collateral we need to get you approved, so you will never be turned down… regardless of past credit and this is a great way to build your credit rating.

Of course, anyone can pay in full for any of our properties and we take all major credit cards, personal checks, and certified funds. However, if you do choose to finance with us, our process is very simple... just pay the small down payment online and your automatically approved for credit. We never have any hidden fees, surcharges, ARMs, balloon payments, prepayment penalties, or fine print. All our property is financed at a flat 12.9% and you can pay off your property at anytime without penalty and received your recorded Warranty Deed. Just like an auto loan, once you fulfill your real estate agreement with us we will immediately prepare your Warranty Deed (car title in case of a car loan) and have it recorded in your name(s) completely free of charge.

Land Sales Company has a huge selection of properties at amazing prices right now. We also have the following guarantees so you can purchase with confidence:

  • Lifetime free and clear title guarantee
  • 5-year property exchange guarantee
  • 1-year price protection guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Feel free to browse through our land for sale located around the United States from the comfort of your own home. Search listings by keywords, state, county, size, price, zoning, and type of land use. Right now we have a huge selection of property to choose from at historically low prices. To see ALL our vacant land for sale just click on our land for sale link in the main link menu above. If you have any questions about buying or investing in vacant land, please feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-888-540-LAND (5263) or we are also available to chat using our live chat feature. You can also read our land blog on buying, investing, holding, and flipping vacant land; and please be sure to take a look at our customer testimonials, so you can see for yourself the power of investing in vacant land.

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