Investment Land vs. Personal Land: What Is the Difference?

You can invest in land for sale whether you are an individual or a company. There is a difference between land that is considered investment land and that which is considered personal land. It is really an easy distinction to make, as long as you understand the basic idea.

Dollars vs. Use

While most people think of investment as putting money into something in the hopes of getting money out of it, there is another definition that applies to personal land investments. When you invest in personal land, you put money and time into a property with the hopes of getting some other type of benefit, which might be a place to live for example. In other words, with straight investment land, the profit is in dollars, but in personal land, the profit is in use.

Who Can Invest?

Individuals can buy personal land for sale, and companies can buy investment land for sale. However, that does not mean that individuals cannot make an investment in land to create a profit stream for themselves. The benefits for individuals of buying investment land are enormous, with low costs and often high returns.

For that matter, there is nothing saying that a company cannot buy personal land for sale. That might be the case if the land was bought as a place to build a recreation center for employees. The focus would not be on profit, but on use of the land. Although it would be bought by a company, in intention, it would be a purchase for use.

It Is All Investment

The truth is, whether you buy land for sale as investment land or as personal land, it is still an investment. You lay out money, and possibly effort, energy and time as well, with the hopes of getting a return on your investment. You want to receive a benefit perhaps now and maybe in the future too. The type of benefit you are looking for makes the difference between personal land and investment land. When you understand these concepts thoroughly, you can be clearer about what you want out of your investment.

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