How Affordable Owner Financed Land Can Change Your Life Like It Has Mine

Before I get started I want to point a few things out about owning land, and why our company makes sense for you. We are a family owned company that offers superior customer service to our clients, we finance the land for you so you don’t have to deal with banks. Further we only offer land deals that pass our extremely high profitability standards, as in will the land ever really be profitable for you? Unless the answer is unequivocal yes we don’t sell it, period.

We know you have your choice when it comes to where you choose to buy your land, so I wanted to start out by letting you know we are the best in the land, excuse the pun, and aren’t afraid to work hard for your business. Now my incredible story of what brought me to the place I’m at today, as a landowner and a businessman that sells land for a living.

Not Too Long Ago

Have you ever just stopped and thought about where you were say five years ago, only to feel that lump in your stomach swell to uncomfortable new heights? Have you ever been part of a time that was so dark, so gloomy, so I want to give up because nothing is working that you nearly break down in tears at the mere reflection of those hard days. I’m not sure if you can relate to this on a visceral level, or simply as an empathetic third party, but whatever the case that was me, not that long ago I was a downtrodden middle manager grinding away day by day with nearly nothing to show for it but “late notices” posted to my apartment door.

Not to say I didn’t have food to eat, or clothes on my back, trust me I was able to get by. I had just enough to want more; you know what I mean? Just enough money, food, friends, and material possessions to feel like I could get by without seriously changing my line of work, but I was trapped. Why? Because I lived in a congested city that was as filthy as it was crowded. I overpaid for everything, my apartment rent alone took up more than half my monthly pay. My girlfriend at that time had been laid off from work, and to make matters worse she was pregnant with our first child. Here was pathetic me, spending more on my bus pass each month that I could on things the baby needed. Life in a word was miserable. After paying my bills and going to the grocery store I was completely broke, and to make matters worse my job was boring, dry and mundane.

Around the time that I learned my girlfriend was pregnant I had a vision, something really bizarre that seemingly came out of nowhere. I was sitting in the tiny living room of our cramped apartment watching some cable nature channel when out of the blue I pictured a small white cottage atop the farmland featured in the show. Something modest, yet spectacular. You know the type, the old country stove in the kitchen, windows in every room that let the incredible picturesque views of the land, and its animals, and a big old wood bed in the master bedroom, somewhere that I could lay my head at night without a care in the world. A powerful warm feeling shot through my body like adrenaline would a skydiver and before I knew it I was sketching out plans for a country cottage where I could raise my family, enjoy a simpler way of life, and earn a living doing anything but middle management for a large boring corporation.

Need Land, Have Little Money

After the initial excitement faded I was still as determined as ever to make a big life change, get a piece of land I could call my own, and enjoy the fruits of being a land owner, instead of tossing money in a toilet every month which is what I was doing paying outrageous rent to ungrateful property owners that could be that way because cheap apartments in the city were hard to come by to begin with. So here I was, all the desire in the world to move on, with just one problem, no funds to make it a reality.

Doing a quick search on a land sales website it became clear that I wasn’t in the position to buy land outright. They wanted $30,000 or more for a small plot of land and they wanted all cash up front. The next obvious choice was to go to the bank for a loan, with my job history and relatively good credit how hard could it be to get loan for small piece of land far from the big city? Apparently pretty darn hard! The banker was shaking his head before I had fully settled into the seat in front of his desk. Apparently the bank lends money off of the collateral that has “true” value which is often viewed as a home, building, or other manmade structure that secures the property from being a total wash if someone defaulted on a loan. So I quickly figured out the banks weren’t interested in lending me money, and I had very little saved up since most of it went to rent, bills, and doctors expenses for the new baby.

And The Search Went On

Maybe I was just searching for a way out? Maybe I didn’t really want a change of lifestyle, I just wanted an easy escape? These are the stupid things I’d tell myself over and over again on the bus to and from my job each day. It was almost like I was making up any excuse imaginable for staying in the mundane status quo my life had become. But every time I’d think of that white cottage, or even see a picture of a farm I’d snap right out of my rut and find myself beaming from ear to ear. I wanted this, it wasn’t something I’d soon let go of, it was a dream that would endure, this became obvious with each day that passed. Still, I couldn’t find anyone to sell me land that wasn’t either looking for all cash up front, or hefty down payment. There had to be a better way to buy land I kept thinking…

One day on my way home from work while walking by a telephone poll covered in tattered filers toting everything from electric guitars for sale to babysitters available for hire I found a small blue flier with large black text on it simply stating – Land for Sale. I almost knocked over the person walking expediently behind me as I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed a flier from the telephone pole. My heart started to beat, palms became sweaty, could this be it, could this be the time when my dreams finally become reality?

Billy I Think You Are a Good Man

Without the ability to calmly read the flier in the crowded city streets near my apartment I shoved it in my coat pocket and rocketed up the narrow stairway to my apartment, jumping every other stair in an effort to get to the top quicker. For some reason I felt like this flier held the key to my future, maybe I caught a glimpse of the $100 down payment text just below the headline on the filer, maybe it was me being optimistic, maybe I was just being at the end of my wits with my current situation made me so confident this would work, whatever it was I knew before I read that flier that it was my ticket out of the drudgery of my day to day life.

The flier read like it was written for me personally. Land for sale, low down payment of $100 gets you in. Owner finance for 10 years at 10% interest. Buildable land in a farm development near a large lake. And then a phone number. My fingers almost couldn’t steady themselves enough to dial that number I was so excited, nervous at this point that the land wasn’t gone, that the sale hadn’t been made yet.

A country accent greeted me on the other end of the line nearly as soon as I had finished dialing telling me I was one of the first to call about the property. Within minutes I realized the land was less than an hour from where we were living at the time, so we headed out to see it the very next day. I purchased the property the very next day. That was, and still is, one of the most memorable days of my life, watching my girlfriend shake in excitement and cry tears of joy at the news of us finally becoming land owners was something I will never forget.

Turns out the blue filer was posted by some college kids working on behalf of a man named Billy, a Texan that specialized in selling land to people looking for a change. When I found out what Billy was doing, and how he had helped many other people just like me it was set it stone I’d one day do the same thing as him. Billy helped change my life, and I wanted to do the same for others. Billy wasn’t too internet savvy, so I took what I could learn from him, and did my own research on bankruptcies, estate sales, and other places to find cheap land and started my own online land sales company; the very one you’re visiting now.

The land I bought from Billy turned out to be a beautiful pasture of grass within a stone’s throw of a tranquil lake. Unlike the city, it was quiet and peaceful, and the neighbors were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. My property payment was actually cheaper than the money I was paying on bus fare alone, and my daily commute time turned out to be even shorter than riding the bus to work each day. In a nutshell I was actually spending less, and living with so much more. With the money I saved on rent and by living outside the city I was able to pay off the property quickly and really start saving for our futures.

Today I sell land for a living to help others achieve the same dream I had for so long, to give them an alternative to the hustle and bustle of city life. Even if it is just for the weekend, or summer months, or whenever they choose. I know not everyone wants to make a change like me, but I know nearly everyone wants a place to get away and relax. I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t want something that they can pass on from generation to generation, that will appreciate in value, and serve as an income earning asset if they so choose. The benefits of owning land seem to greatly outweigh the cost when the deal is structured the right way.

Too Good to Be True for Most

A lot of people hear a story like mine and think it’s too good to be true for them. It’s a lot like the gold rush out west so many years ago, those that came after the first settlers often had to wrestle with the idea of whether there was any opportunity left for them. Was all the gold mined? Was there any real reason for them to trek all that way to try to be part of it? As history tells us there was, and still is plenty of gold left on this earth, and its value is incredibly high. Similarly, land is actually in abundance right now, with the economy as it is, and the recession as it’s been, land is for sale at prices as low as they’ve been in decades. Becoming a landowner can be a reality for those that can imagine what they can do with it and are motivated to take action on their dreams.

For those that can imagine a better future, whether it’s just to get away from it all, hunt or fish, to build and develop property, or simply to hold for an investment to use at a later time, land ownership is for you. The system we have in place is so simple and affordable anyone with an income can afford it. Low down payment, low monthly payments and low interest all make what we do for those that want to own land so great. All you need to do is decide it’s something worthwhile for you to do, something you’re willing to cultivate and make into the vision you have your life.

An Investment in Your Future

The beauty of our program is that it isn’t a timeshare, a fractional ownership opportunity, a money pit, a get rich quick scheme, or anything but full outright ownership of real tangible property, guaranteed and deeded by a free and clear warranty deed. That means you won’t have any tax liens on the property, any legal issues on your hands, or any expensive upkeep on the property, its simple deeded land that is as affordable to own as it is life changing.

When you purchase land from our company, you receive the following added benefits:

  • Worry-free, NO BANK NEEDED, low interest, owner financing with no credit checks
  • Affordable low down payments on all properties we sell
  • Guaranteed free and clear land deeds with no tax liens of any kind
  • Clear and accurate driving directions for the land so you can visit the property to do your own Due Diligence prior to purchase
  • Pictures and maps of the land you are purchasing
  • Friendly customer support to help you along the way
  • Land deals in areas that are in demand, including counties like Westchester, NY, where the average home sells for over $700,000 according to the Westchester Putnam Association of REALTORS, INC.
  • 1/2-acre view lots in Salem, Oregon, which had #1 real estate market for three years in a row and in 2016 was ranked #1 city in the United States to be a real estate agent.
  • Easy monthly payment options including credit cards and checks
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No application fees
  • No balloon payments
  • No service fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No banks
  • And much, much more!

When Will Your Life Change

With so much more to gain and so little to lose would it not make sense to at least take a serious look at the land we are selling? If you have even the slightest desire to do something different and make a change in your life like I did in mine, you will. We are founded and operated by people that want to do something more with their life, we want to help you do the same.

You can start right now by browsing our incredible line of affordable land for sale, remember we won’t ever hit you with any special fees or hidden tricks, this operation is an honest one that aims to do nothing more that help to make your dreams come true like Billy helped me realize mine. We are the leading land sales website for a reason, because we care. Give our properties a look and get in touch soon.

To see our inventory of land for sale click here.

P.S. If our down payment, as low as it is now, is stopping you from buying land get in touch and we’ll see if we can’t help you lowering that as well. Our goal is to help everyone realize the dream of land ownership.

P.P.S. Please don’t forget to bookmark our site. We’re constantly adding new properties to our growing inventory and offering up new and exciting specials and promotions.

P.P.S. To get new property alerts, you can ‘Sign up for Updates’ by entering your email at the bottom of this page and clicking the submit button.

The mark of a really great company is how they handle problems with their customers. I had a problem with property that I purchased recently, unforeseeable for both myself and Lands Sales, and asked if I could switch to another property. The entire process took less than 20 minutes and I was very happy with how it was handled; finally a company in America that cares for its customers.

William T.Kansas City, Missouri

Finally I have found a great company to help me achieve my long term goals and dreams. The staff at Land Sales Company was very helpful, patient, and caring when I called several times for more information about my properties. I feel fortunate to meet people like them who live their lives by strong principles. I would highly recommend Land Sales Company to anybody who has ever dreamed of owning their own property or looking to become wealthy. Thank you again! Please accept my deep appreciation. You are definitely a company that people can trust.

Virginia B.Los Angeles, California

We would like to thank Land Sales Company for the great customer service experience we had when purchasing our land. We purchased land years ago and it was never this easy. It was very quick, and the representative answered all of our questions before we purchased our property. We recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with small down payments, small monthly payments, and a perfect customer service experience.

Tammy B.Fort Polk, Louisiana

Thank you Land Sales Company for the help you extended in making it possible for me to buy that piece of land in northern California! I have never own my own property here in America. I even call myself a "forever renter" but since I retired, I thought of going to country living ...and my cruising the internet one day in 0ct 2010 paid off because I stumbled upon your website and learned of the possibilities of acquiring affordable land. As a first time buyer I highly appreciate all the help I got from the staff of Land Sales Company More power to you all!

Leonor V.
Leonor V.San Francisco, California

I would like to thank Land Sales Company for the great customer service experience I had when purchasing my land. It was very quick & Easy and the representative’s answered all of my questions before & after I purchased my property. I recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with a small down payments & small easy monthly payments with A company with perfect customer service experience. I would like to say a Big Thank You! to all at Land Sales Company.

Rodney P.
Rodney P.United Kingdom

I have purchased two properties (one with my son), and both transactions went extremely well. The info packets are perfect. I will definitely recommend Land Sales Company to my family and friends.

Thank you!

Don H.
Don H.Hemet, California

I’ve purchased two properties from Land Sales Company and I am very happy with their customer service and sales staff. The process was very simple and it has been a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks to Land Sales Company; I'm all smiles this holiday season!

Jacque A.
Jacque A.Los Angeles, California

Buying property from Land Sales was very simple, and now that I am their customer they treat me great! Their paperwork is clear and they are always around to answer any questions I have.

Cassius B.
Cassius B.Richmond, California

My experiences with Land Sales Company have been great. They have done everything they have promised and it has been a very pleasurable experience. I have two commercial properties in Texas and they are excellent investments.

Wendell M.
Wendell M.Dallas, Texas

My wife, Kristin and I purchased several properties from Land Sales Company within the last few years. It has always been an easy process; much easier than any other company we have worked with. The paperwork was and is always very clear and easy to understand, and any time we need to call customer service, we always get a friendly person, and get all of our questions answered. We recommend Land Sales Company to anyone looking to buy a property with a great location, reasonable down payments, small monthly payments, and great customer service.

Bruce J
Bruce JSt.Paul, Minnesota
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